Hello there!
I'm Sanna Lehti, a designer based in Järvenpää, Finland. My focus is on graphic, textile and web design. 

I started off as a textile designer but soon got carried away by graphic design. I design logos, brand identities, magazine layouts, brochures, posters - actually everything printable, you name it! 

I also design websites for various projects and customers. My focus is on visual layout and usability and I have passionate people in my network who will do the actual coding.

What comes to textiles I design patterns for interior and fashion textiles. Some of the textile projects I co-design with Anni Kääriä under the design agency Muovo. 

What can I do for you?
I like to keep things simple. My goal is to create things that look great and are easy to use but never dull. A little bit of playfulness is also something that seems to pop up in my work.

If you have a project waiting to happen, if you think you need my help with something or just want to say hello, then let´s talk! I'm sure there's lots we can create together!

+358 50 323 7621
Thank you! I'll be in touch!
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